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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of horse is the carousel horse?

A remarkable large scale painted rocking horse decorated in the manner of a carousel horse. The white horse with brown mane and tail wears a red saddle on a blue blanket.

Can you use a new carousel as a daily use?

EARS: Like many reproductions, most new carousel figures are not logically made for practical daily use. This is particularly true of the ears. New horses generally have very large ears that project out away from the head with no surrounding support. Such ears would easily be damaged and broken off in the day to day life of a working park carousel.

What were the tails on authentic carousel horses made of?

Tails on authentic carousel horses were horse hair or carved wood. Many styles of wood tails were used but all were smoothly carved in flowing strokes that varied in width and length. Original tails are not removable.

What is a carousel Galloper?

Small 19th century painted wooden Carousel Galloper or fair ground horse An original the 19th century fair ground Galloper, he is made in wood, the carnival paint is bright and ...

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