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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a European carousel horse?

These hand-carved wooden European carousel horses have a proud carriage, muscular body and an animated expression. Attributed to Friedrich Heyn, a leading carver of carousel horses o... The prancing horse is carved from basswood and has glass eyes and a faceted “Jewell” on harness. Leather and iron stirrups.

What kind of horse is in the Spanish carousel?

19th century wooden Spanish Carousel Galloper or fair ground horse 19th century fair ground Galloper, carved in wood and in fine detail you can see his mane, tail, eyes, saddle an... Exceptional Fairground, Carousel , Merry-go-round Object.

How old is the painted wood carousel horse?

Wonderfully charming American painted wood horse is hand carved and was once a part of a part of a children's carousel that was often found in front of a store to amuse children whil... A late 19th century-early 20th century carousel zebra by eminent creater Karl Muller in carved, painted wood.

Who carried the first carousel horse?

Hand carved by M. C. Illions, one of two greatest artists of the carousel world. Illions first carved in Englad then moved to Brooklyn, NY. This particular carosel horse was an ins... Fine original painted Carousel Horse. With the original straps. A beautiful Dutch folk art piece with traces of multiple layers of paint on bespoke iron stand.

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