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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best carousel horses?

Carousel horses have been a part of the life’s work for many furniture makers, but those produced by Bernard Kindt, Daniel Charles Muller and Gustave Dentzel are consistently popular. How Much are Carousel Horses?

How to make a reproduction carousel horse?

Reproduction Carousel Horses & More These Reproduction Carousel animals are created by making molds of the Original Antique Carousel horse or Carved Contemporary copies. Each horse is specified in the details when you click on each horse. They have all the original details, flowers, rhinestones, some with glass eyes & horse hair tails.

Are your horses off a carousel?

Many of our horses are off actual Carousels, and are the ultimate in GO GREEN. All large horses shipped F.O.B. Deland ,Florida by truck.

How many horses are in the Griffith Park Carousel?

Built in 1926 and moved to Griffith Park in 1937, the carousel features 68 wooden jumping horses with real horse hair in their tails, two chariots and a Stinson military band organ that plays more than 1500 marches and waltzes for that classic carousel sound.

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