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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the carousel?

Carousel also can be spelled carrousel. Carousels were in use in Europe, Islamic Europe, India, and Latin America as early as 500 AD. In Europe, they were used to train medieval knights. Initially, they were propelled by a horse or crank.

What is a carousel ride?

Carousel is an amusement ride that has a rotating platform on which are placed seats for riders in the shapes of different animals (but most commonly horses). In different places carousels are called differently like as merry-go-round, galloper, jumper, roundabout, horseabout and “flying horses”.

How much is a carousel horse worth?

Carved wooden carousel horses are now considered examples of American art. Original horses like the one on left above can sell for several thousand dollars and up; rare figures have sold as high as $100,000. Carousel reproductions, like those on the right, are being seen in increasing numbers.

What is the history of the King Arthur Carrousel?

The carousel was reassembled and preserved (in full operation) at Heritage State Park with the help of John Hickey and the Holyoke Water Power Company in 1993. The King Arthur Carrousel has existed since 1932 and was moved to Disneyland in 1954. It is an assembly of two carousels. Walt Disney wanted it to have four courses of all jumpers.

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