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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reproduction Carousel Animal?

These Reproduction Carousel animals are created by making molds of the Original Antique Carousel horse or Carved Contemporary copies. Each horse is specified in the details when you click on each horse. They have all the original details, flowers, rhinestones, some with glass eyes & horse hair tails.

What kind of horse is the carousel horse?

A remarkable large scale painted rocking horse decorated in the manner of a carousel horse. The white horse with brown mane and tail wears a red saddle on a blue blanket.

Are there any carousel still in use?

Two simple carousels still operate at Albion, Pennsylvania, and at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. (rare weekends). Dare was primarily a toy manufacturer who also carved rocking horses. He was one of the early carousel manufacturers in America, carving very simple carousels with marbles for eyes.

Who invented the first carousel?

Allan Herschell was a Pioneer, not only of carousels, but other amusement park rides for children and adults. His companies were founded in upstate New York and he counted Rudolph Wu...

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