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Frequently Asked Questions

What industry is xcarousel industries in?

Carousel Industries is in the industry of: Software & Technical Consulting, Software, Software Development & Design Who are Carousel Industries’s main competitors? What companies has Carousel Industries acquired?

How many employees does carousel have?

The combined entity will give us unparalleled reach and resources to meet customer demand." Carousel Industries serves more than 5,000 customers nationwide. Founded in 1992, the company is widely recognized in the industry as a top managed service provider and employs more than 1,000 people across the country.

What does the acquisition of Carousel mean for Microsoft?

With the acquisition of Carousel, the company is doubling down on its solutions for cloud communications, engagement, networking, devices, security, and infrastructure built for the work-from-anywhere environment.

Is nwnwn owned by Carousel?

NWN Corporation, the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP) delivering solutions for today’s work-from-anywhere environment, has closed the acquisition of Exeter, RI-based Carousel Industries. Backed by New State Capital Partners, the combined entity will deliver an estimated $1 billion run-rate revenue in 2021.

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