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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a carousel do?

Carousel Industries Inc. operates as a technology solutions consultant. The Company provides design, implementation, and maintenance of communication networks for enterprise customers throughout the United States.

When was the first carousel built?

Carousel built in 1905 by Gustav Dentzel which is still operational in Rochester, New York. These mechanical innovations came at a crucial time, when increased prosperity meant that more people had time for leisure and spare money to spend on entertainment.

What is the history of the carousel gumball machine?

The Carousel gumball machine was originally created in the 1950's by Arthur Gold who founded Carousel Industries. In the 1980's the brand was purchased by Ford Gum & Machine Co. in Akron, NY. Ford Gum is the only remaining large scale bubble gumball manufacturer in the US. The competition moved their confectionary production lines to Canada.

Who are the investors of Carousell?

In November 2013, Rakuten, with follow-on investments by Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, and a few other investors invested $1 million in Carousell. Subsequently, in November 2014, Carousell announced that it received US$6 million in investment from Sequoia India.

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