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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Carousel Mall?

The Carousel Mall, also known as Central City Mall, was a mixed-use two-story shopping mall located in San Bernardino, California, along the city's former main downtown street.

How big is the Carousel Center at Disney World?

Its original Carousel Center section, which opened in 1990, has 1.5 million square feet of leasable space. An 874,200-square-foot addition opened in 2012 when the project became Destiny USA.

How much did the mall of America's Carousel Center lose in 2015?

Rent revenues from tenants in the original, Carousel Center section of the mall have fallen from $55.6 million in 2015 to $32.2 million in 2020, according to the mall’s latest financial statement. The mall’s overall occupancy rate dropped from 85.1% in 2014 to 62.6% in November 2020, according to the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

How old is the Philadelphis carousel?

The carousel dates to 1909 and was made by the Philadelphis Toboggan Company. All the horses were carved by Leo Zoller. It took him a year and was paid $1000.00!! The carousel has been beautifully restored and is impeccably maintained. A delight for children of all ages including is at 70 years.

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