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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind carousel Motor Group?

Marc is the founder and finance director of Carousel Motor Group. He has over 20 years experience working exclusively in the motor industry. In the most recent 2 years he has successfully expanded his own dealership. Marc's current skill level and knowledge of vehicle financing and purchasing is extensive and has a significant foundation.

Who is the CEO of Carousel?

Chase is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Carousel Motor Group. He has nearly thirty years of global automotive experience spanning five continents, working for General Motors for more than half that time in senior leadership positions in sales, service, marketing, product planning and pricing.

Who is nicnicole at Carousel?

Nicole has been at Carousel Motor Group since 2013. In her current role, she is in charge of aligning human capital strategies with overall business strategies and goals. She previously worked in human resources at several manufacturing companies.

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