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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find media related to Carousel (musical)?

ISBN 978-1-55783-581-9. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carousel (musical). Oklahoma! Oklahoma! The Sound of Music Live! " It's a Scandal!

How many songs are on the new carousel organ CD?

"CAROUSEL ORGAN MUSIC" Our latest new CD features 18 selected songs (complete song, not a clip) from our compact disc recordings and provides music samples of 16 different carousel organs. The CD number from which the song is taken is indicated so you can refer to our catalog to see what other songs are available on a particular organ.

Was Carousel written as an opera?

Rodgers designed Carousel to be an almost continuous stream of music, especially in Act 1. In later years, Rodgers was asked if he had considered writing an opera. He stated that he had been sorely tempted to, but saw Carousel in operatic terms. He remembered, "We came very close to opera in the Majestic Theatre. ...

Why is carousel considered the Best Musical of the 20th century?

In 1999, Time magazine, in its "Best of the Century" list, named Carousel the Best Musical of the 20th century, writing that Rodgers and Hammerstein "set the standards for the 20th century musical, and this show features their most beautiful score and the most skillful and affecting example of their musical storytelling".

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