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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is available about modern carousels?

Modern carousels have only limited information available as shown in the index. The index was developed to allow quick searches by state and city. Also, the carousel class can readily been seen from the index. Please contact the NCA Census Chairman with any additions or corrections to this list.

Why choose carousel turntables?

At Carousel USA, we deliver customized turntables outfitted to meet our clients’ wide-ranging needs and requirements. From concrete to brick, wood to steel and even hot-dipped zinc, our turntables are designed to deliver outstanding aesthetics, but also stand the test of time and hard use.

What is the oldest carousel in the United States?

It’s a bona fide national landmark. Built by Charles Dare in 1876, it’s the oldest platform carousel still running in the U.S., complete with traditional brass rings. As T+L community member duckworth pointed out, a roundup of the best carousels is incomplete without it. Cost: $2;

How much did your first carousel horse cost?

I finally bought my first carousel horse in 1964, just outside NYC, leaving the World’s Fair. It was a charred Illions from the Coney Island Steeplechase carousel. I paid $35. By the time I was acquiring the outside row from the same carousel, the price had risen to $350.” Marianne Stevens (1929-2012), Founding member: NCA; ACS.

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