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Frequently Asked Questions

What is car-O-sale by Carousell?

Philippines, 30 July 2020 – Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing online classifieds, launches its first-ever used car sale in the Philippines titled “ Car-o-Sale ”. Through this campaign, it aims to help jumpstart businesses of its automotive merchants, many of which are long time listers since its early days as OLX.

How can Carousell help you choose a car?

Figuring out how to choose a car, apply for a loan or even negotiate for the best price can get complicated to navigate— that's why Carousell is here to assist as you make decisions every step of the way.

Where can I buy a pre-owned car in the Philippines?

At, you can find numerous listings for pre-owned cars spanning all major brands here in the Philippines, and even a number of good deals on vintage cars. Before diving into our extensive listing, here are the top, most-searched-for vehicles listed on our site, plus some tips on how to choose your ideal second-hand car wisely.

Where can I find the latest car news in the Philippines?

Aside from an extensive pool of car listings, a one-stop shop for anything related to cars, also provides readers the latest automotive news, the most updated pricelists for all makes and models of cars available in the Philippines, and also tips on how to become a responsible driver and a car owner.

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