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Frequently Asked Questions

What is catcatalyst by datafinch?

Catalyst by DataFinch Catalyst allows for the collection and management of a wide variety of different types of data. The flexibility to adjust your individual Catalyst system to your unique needs is almost limitless. Start a Free Trial

How do I download the catalyst app on a mobile device?

It is necessary to download the Catalyst App in order to use a mobile device in the field to collect student data. Note: For a list of Catalyst compatible devices, click here. On an iOS device, tap to open the App Store. Enter Search for Catalyst. Tap Get for Catalyst Client. Complete any necessary authentication to confirm Catalyst App download.

What can you do with datafinch?

Analyze Data taken with the mobile app sync to the online portal. View the raw data and analyze it on a myriad of levels with automatic graphing, reports, trends, and more. We’re not the only ones excited about DataFinch… "REED has always been a high-quality ABA program but the addition of Catalyst has brought it along even further."

Is catalyst just a data collection tool?

But Catalyst is not just a data collection tool for your mobile device (s); it is not just an online system for data storage, management, graphing, and analysis. Catalyst is both! And, it works seamlessly to make your practice more efficient and more effective.

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