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Frequently Asked Questions

What is catcatalyst by datafinch?

Catalyst by DataFinch Catalyst allows for the collection and management of a wide variety of different types of data. The flexibility to adjust your individual Catalyst system to your unique needs is almost limitless. Start a Free Trial

How do I login to my catalyst account?

The Catalyst login page displays. Enter Username and given Password. Click Login button. The Expired Password modal displays IF your Administrator selected for you to change your password upon initial login.

How do I change the password on my Catalyst device?

Check the email associated with your Catalyst account for a reset email containing a temporary password. Enter Username and temporary Password. The New Password modal displays. Enter New Password and Confirm Password. Enter New Device PIN and Confirm PIN.

What can I do with catalyst?

Diagnostic information, such as antecedents, consequences, locations, times of day, etc. You can customize your graphs in the Catalyst portal in a nearly endless number of ways, allowing for an unprecedented level of precision and real-time analysis.

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