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Frequently Asked Questions

What animal is better CAT or dog?

Now scientists have confirmed that cats really are better than dogs – at least from an evolutionary perspective. A groundbreaking study of 2,000 ancient fossils reveals that felids – the cat family – have historically been much better at surviving than the “canid” dog clan, and often at the latter’s expense.

Do dogs make better pets than cats?

Cats make better pets than dogs. Cats are much quieter than dogs, cats take much better care of themselves, and cats require less attention. Firstly, cats are much more quiet than dogs especially during times when you want to sleep or relax.

When was CatDog created?

CatDog is an American animated television series which was first aired on April 4, 1998 with the last show airing on September 22, 2001. The series was created for Nickelodeon by Peter Hannan.

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