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Frequently Asked Questions

What is true about CDP?

Continuous data protection (CDP) is a form of data replication that copies data from a source to a target. True CDP does this every time a change is made, while so-called near-CDP does this at pre-set time intervals. Near-CDP is effectively the same as snapshotting.

What does CDP stand for in law enforcement?

Law Enforcement CDP abbreviation meaning defined here. What does CDP stand for in Law Enforcement? Get the top CDP abbreviation related to Law Enforcement.

What does CDP stand for in therapy?

What does CDP stand for? computerized dynamic posturography. What does CDP test? trick question; it is actually a functional balance assessment and does not test any of the balance organs. What are the three tests that make up a CDP evaluation? 1. Sensory organization test (SOT) 2. Motor control test (MCT)

What does CDP stand for in census?

CDP is the abbreviation for Census Designated Place, the statistical counterpart of an incorporated place. CDPs are delineated to provide data for settled concentrations of populations. Learn more about why we create CDPs, their uses and how you can identify them in your data searches. YouTube. U.S. Census Bureau.

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