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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are available on cruise ships?

No matter shipboard or land based, jobs on cruise ships are plentiful! Available cruise jobs frequently include the land based sales and accounting, public relations, customer service, as well as the shipboard jobs like cruise director, officer, security, hotel, guest services positions.

What are cruise ship jobs?

Cruise Ship Jobs. A job on a cruise ship also enables you to travel around the world. Cruise ships are basically floating hotels. So job vacancies are similar to a big 5 star hotel, holiday park or fancy resort. Renewable 4 to 6 month contracts for cleaners, chefs, catering and bar staff, hospitality and front of house type roles are the norm.

What is Celebrity Cruise Line like?

Celebrity is a premium cruise line, known for attentive service, well-appointed staterooms and delicious cuisine. Its ships are sleek and offer sophisticated touches like champagne-and-caviar bars and butler service in all suite accommodations.

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