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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NCCF mean on cruise ticket?

NCCF = Non-Commissionable Cruise Fare = Same as port charges No the Non-Commissionable Cruise Fare is not the same as the port charges. The NCCF should not even appear on the passengers invoice only on the travel agents copy.

What is the “always included” offer on Celebrity Cruises?

The “Always Included” offer only applies to bookings made in GBP and Euro currency via the Celebrity Cruises Call Centre on (UK) 0844 493 6005 (Ireland) 18000 932 625, via, whilst onboard a Celebrity Cruises Ship or via UK and Ireland travel agents. 15.

Do cruise lines have to list all non-commissionable fees?

Several years ago, the Federal Trade Commission required cruise lines to list all “non-commissionable fees” in the price they advertise – in other words, they are supposed to tell you the entire price for the cruise (room/voyage fare + non-commissionable fees + governmental taxes and fees).

Why choosecelebrity cruises?

Celebrity Cruises exists because we believe in opening up the world. We know that travel makes us better—every one of us. We’re here to help vacationers understand the value of travel. Our cruises encourage people to sail beyond their own borders and expand their horizons.

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