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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect on a Norwegian fjord cruise?

The main Norwegian fjords cruise line is Hurtigruten. They have daily departures and plenty of options to choose from. The atmosphere on board tends to be very relaxed and fun . These ships serve almost as ferries for locals to get from one place to another. They are a great place to get a taste of typical Norwegian way of life.

What is the best cruise ship for Norwegian?

Entertainment-wise, NCL shines. Its newest ship, Norwegian Epic, is one of the best entertainment ships at sea, with four large-scale shows presented regularly on board — including a full production by the Blue Man Group that’s easily one of the very best shows at sea today.

What cruise lines go to Norway?

Norwegian Fjords Cruise Lines. Norwegian line Hurtigruten is the king of Norway cruises, with at least one ship departing daily on its coastal route. Most major cruise lines and many expedition lines also visit Norway; the notable exceptions are Carnival, Disney and Norwegian Cruise Line.

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