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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Celebrity Cruises still suspending sailings?

Celebrity Cruises announced today that it is extending the suspension of some sailings, including all sailings from the United States until June 30, while continuing its measured return to service with more sailings scheduled from different regions around the world.

Why choose Celebrity Cruises?

With Celebrity Cruises you’ll visit unforgettable destinations, receive outstanding service and taste culinary excellence, all while on board ships with stunning designs and luxurious accommodations.

What kind of cruises does celebrity offer in Greece?

Sail across the sparkling Mediterranean Sea on a Greek Islands cruise aboard the stunning Celebrity Apex, one of the most cutting-edge ships in our fleet. Get ready to island-hop in luxury aboard our groundbreaking Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Equinox on an array of blissful 7-night itineraries. New overnights.

Are there any 7 night cruises in the Caribbean?

7-Night Caribbean Cruises. Take on the Caribbean aboard Celebrity Cruises. Departing from Fort Lauderdale, become culturally immersed in historic Puerto Rico, sample wines on St. Martin’s French side or sit back and relax on Cozumel's beaches.

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