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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Royal Caribbean offer zoom virtual backgrounds?

Next week's Zoom conference call can have a Royal Caribbean feel to it with one of a dozen new Zoom backgrounds the cruise line released. With more and more people relying now on virtual meetings held with the popular Zoom application, Royal Caribbean released new virtual backgrounds anyone can start using.

Why choose Celebrity Cruises?

With Celebrity Cruises you’ll visit unforgettable destinations, receive outstanding service and taste culinary excellence, all while on board ships with stunning designs and luxurious accommodations.

Where can I go on a celebrity cruise to Asia?

Departing from Japan or China, explore the many faces of Asia. Popular itineraries include Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and more. With 25 itineraries, there’s no limit to the places you can visit on a Celebrity Cruise to Asia.

How do I add a virtual background to my zoom profile?

Simply click on one of the images below and right-click to save to your computer. When you're ready to use your new background, log onto your Zoom account, click on "Profile" and go to "Settings." From there you can select "Virtual Background" from the list of options, click the + symbol and upload any of your favorites.

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