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Who are some famous people died in 2013?

Celebrity Deaths: 2013 Famous Deaths List. 1 Paul Walker. Photo: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images. 11/30/13: Paul Walker, star of the Fast & Furious movie series, passed due to a car accident in ... 2 James Avery. 3 James Gandolfini. 4 Roger Ebert. 5 Margaret Thatcher. More items

Who are some famous people that died 2015?

Celebrities That Died in 2015. 1 1. Donna Douglas. Actress | The Beverly Hillbillies. An honest-to-goodness Southern Belle, similar to her most famous character role, "Elly May ... 2 2. Mario Cuomo. 3 3. Ninón Sevilla. 4 4. Jeff Golub. 5 5. Little Jimmy Dickens. More items

What is Deathlist 2021?

Welcome to DeathList 2021. This is a list of 50 celebrities chosen by the DeathList committee, before the start of the year, for their likelihood to die in 2021.

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