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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some famous people that died in 2020?

Famous People We’ve Lost in 2020 1 K.C. Jones, basketball player and coach, 88. (May 25, 1932 — Dec. ... 2 John R. Lewis, congressman and civil rights icon, 80. (February 21, 1940 — July 17, 2020) John R. ... 3 Rosalind P. Walter, the first ‘Rosie the Riveter,’ 95. ... 4 B. Smith, restaurateur, lifestyle icon, 70. ...

What celebrities have died due to covid-19 in 2021?

A difficult 2020 saw the deaths of icons Alex Trebek and Chadwick Boseman, as well as the devastating loss of stars to COVID-19. As the pandemic rages on, we are honoring the celebrities we have lost thus far in 2021. “Jersey Boys” and “The Sopranos” actor Joseph Siravo passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 64.

Who is the most famous celebrity that died in 2021?

Famous Celebrities We’ve Lost in 2021. 1 Bobby Bowden, college football coach, 91. (Nov. 8, 1929 — Aug. 8, 2021) Bedridden by rheumatic fever as a teen, Bowden listened avidly to football ... 2 Markie Post, actress, 70. 3 Jane Withers, actress, 95. 4 Richard Trumka, labor leader, 72. 5 Carl Levin, former U.S. senator, 87. More items

Who are the 5 stars we've lost in 2020?

Remembering the Stars We've Lost in 2020. 1 Dawn Wells. Credit: CBS-TV/UA/Gladysya Prod/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock. The Gilligan's Island star, who played Mary Ann Summers on the hit show from ... 2 Alto Reed. 3 Pierre Cardin. 4 Armando Manzanero. 5 Tony Rice. More items

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