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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is hosting star-studded 2021?

Get the latest celebrity news and features from, including exclusive interviews with stars and breaking news about everyone from the Kardashians to Brad Pitt. Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager Will Host Star-Studded 2021: It's Toast!

What are some of the best blogs on celebrity gossip?

E! Online is one of the most popular blogs on celebrity gossip. This blog is popular among people who live in all parts of the world as well. It is a great platform that you can check to get yourself updated with entertainment news and about gossip with related to celebrities. There is a dedicated editorial team behind E!

Why do we love celebrity gossip so much?

Celebrities are always the talk of the town and grab our attention with headlining major gossip magazines while out at the store. Whether it’s in the movies, on television or in print… celebrity gossip is always a big talking point. That’s because we prefer to live closer to their lives at all times.

What's happening on NBC's 2021 New Year's Eve special?

New Year's Eve Special Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager will also reflect on the lighthearted and humorous moments of the year in NBC's 2021: It's Toast! Bing Bong! Jonas Brothers and Joe Biden (Or Should We Say Byron?)

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