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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CES stand for?

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, and it is the annual trade show run by the Consumer Technology Association. Some amazing products are showcased every year, with everything from the Alexa fridge to a virtual reality headsets getting their first outing at the expo.

What does CES mean in medical terms?

The CES Ultra is a medical device for the treatment of stress and stress-related disorders. It employs gentle electrical stimulation to the head (cranial electrical stimulation) to help normalize brain functioning. The CES Ultra is registered with and regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

What does CES mean in French?

However, in French, on their own, ce/cet/cette can mean either this or that, and ces can mean either these or those - it just depends on context. Look at these examples: Cette fille est belle. That girl is beautiful. Ces hommes sont méchants. These men are mean. Ces femmes sont méchantes.

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