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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my sleep settings on my PC?

Manage Hibernation Through Control Panel. Click on Start and open Control Panel then click on Power Options. On the left side click on Change when the computer sleeps. Now click on Change advanced power settings. In the Advanced Power Options window expand the Sleep tree then expand Hibernate after and change the minutes to zero to turn it off.

How do I Stop my Computer from sleep mode?

Open the Control Panel, click "System and Security," then click "Power Options.". Click "Change plan settings" on whatever plan is currently selected, then change the setting from "Put the computer to sleep" to "Never.". On a Mac, open your System Preferences, then click "Energy Saver.".

How do you turn off sleep mode on your computer?

Click "Control Panel" and then choose the "Hardware and Sound.". Then click "Power Option.". Click on the task "Change when the computer sleeps". Click on the drop-down box "Put the computer to sleep" and choose the option "Never.". Click the button "Save changes" to turn off the sleep mode.

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