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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to change your username?

Right now there is no way to change your username :/ As described here. You can create a new account with the username you want and then send a contact form request to have your old playlists transferred over :)

How do you change your username on your computer?

Change username From the Windows Desktop, open the Charms menu by pressing the "Windows key" plus the "C" key and select Settings. In Settings, select Control Panel. Select User Accounts. In the User Accounts window, select Change your account name to change the username for your local Windows account.

How does one change their username?

Change username Open the Control Panel. Click Add or remove user accounts. Click the account you want to change. Click Change the account name.

How do I change my local user name?

Way 1: Change account name in Control Panel. Step 1: Access Control Panel/User Accounts and Family Safety/User Accounts. Step 2: Choose Change your account name. Step 3: Type a new name in the box and tap Change Name. Way 2: Change account name in Local Users and Groups.

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