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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chapter 11 too favorable to debtors?

Chapter 11 is widely believed to be among the industrialized world's most debtor-oriented reorganization laws. Critics assert that Chapter 11 is too easily available and that it allows debtors too much control by, inter alia, not requiring appointment of a trustee.

What happens when a company files Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

If the company owes you any wages when it files Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as long as you continue in the company's employ, your paychecks should not be interrupted. The company will seek permission from the court to continue paying its employees as long as it continues doing business.

Should I file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Get your paperwork together. A company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy must file a list of assets and liabilities, income and expenditures and other financial information within 15 days. An individual filing Chapter 11 must also file proof of credit counseling.

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