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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio?

Ohio Chapter 7 bankruptcy information. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you wipe out your debts and get a “Fresh Start”. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation where the trustee collects all of your assets and sells any assets which are not exempt.

Why should I file Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Generally people file chapter 7 bankruptcy if they have a large amount of unsecured debt such as credit card debt or medical expenses that they are no longer able to pay. Often unemployment, unexpected medical expenses, or divorce prompt the cause the debtor to seek protection from creditors by filing chapter 7 bankruptcy.

What can I keep in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

In Most Cases, Chapter 7 Filers Keep Their Property. Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are no-asset cases. That means the debtors give up nothing to the trustee. The exemption systems permit debtors to retain the means of day-to-day living, free from the claims of their creditors.

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