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Frequently Asked Questions

What was a charter?

char·ter To grant a charter to; establish by charter. To hire or lease by charter: charter an oil tanker. To hire (a bus or airplane, for example) for the exclusive, temporary use of a group of travelers.

What is a private charter?

Private Charter Also defined as private jet charter or air charter, it's when an individual rents an entire aircraft (chartering) as opposed to purchasing individual seats on a commercial airline (purchasing a first-class ticket through any major commercial airline). This is the service we provide.

What exactly is a charter school?

A charter school is a school that receives government funding but operates independently of the established state school system in which it is located. It is independent in the sense that it operates according to the basic principle of autonomy for accountability, that it is freed from the rules but accountable for results.

What does charters mean?

2 a : a grant or guarantee of rights, franchises, or privileges from the sovereign power of a state or country The charter allows for unrestricted trading. 3 : a written instrument from the authorities of a society creating a lodge or branch The national headquarters approved the charter establishing the local lodge.

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