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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main elements of charting by exception?

What Are the Main Elements of Charting by Exception? 1 Flow Sheets These sheets list what constitutes as “normal findings” for your particular facility. ... 2 References to Other Standard Practices & Documents This may include documents like lab results, as well as any guidance on how to evaluate them. ... 3 Bedside Charting

What is charting by exception (CBE)?

Charting by Exception (CBE) was born. When a facility uses Charting by Exception, there should be very explicit protocols and definitions regarding a baseline finding when assessing a patient. When a healthcare provider charts by exception, it means that only exceptions to these baseline findings would be charted.

What is charting by exception in nursing?

What Is Charting by Exception? Charting by exception (CBE) is a method of medical notation in which nurses only provide notes if there are deviations from a patient’s norm or baseline.

Does charting by exception support PeaceHealth's approach to charting by exception?

A charting by exception documentation system cannot be implemented without standards of care to support the documentation (Murphy & Burke, 1990). The purpose of this research was to explore the decision making of medical-surgical nurses who use charting by exception (CBE). The system supports PeaceHealth's approach to charting by exception.

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