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Frequently Asked Questions

What is charting companion 7?

Based upon the original and very successful PAF Companion charting program, Charting Companion 7.0 lets you quickly and easily print a wide variety of charts and reports, including: and more! No data entry and no GEDCOM required.

What is charting companion for genealogy?

Charting Companion allows you to create more and better family tree charts than you are able to make from any genealogy database program - beautiful charts of any size or color you can imagine. And it only take seconds to create them. MENU Home

How do I adjust charting companion to my unit of measure?

Tip: Charting Companion will automatically adjust to U.S. (inches) or metric (centimeters) units of measure depending on the regional settings in your Windows operating system. This applies to chart and box sizes, as well as margins and indent options for your charts and reports. · Page. Set page width and height to create a larger chart.

How do I export the charting companion to a file?

[1.1] If you are a Family Tree Maker user, in the FTM menu click on "Tools Plugins Export Charting Companion". [1.2] For all other genealogy programs, click on the Charting Companion menu: "File Open". Browse to your file.

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