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Frequently Asked Questions

How to take notes with the charting method?

Here’s how to take notes with the charting method: 1 Identify the topics and categories 2 Create a new chart 3 Insert the topic, subtopics, and categories into the chart 4 Fill in the empty chart with notes 5 Review and recite the information in the chart

What are the advantages and disadvantages of charting?

The charting method of taking notes is advantageous because it minimizes the amount of writing that you have to do while taking notes because you only write the most relevant information, according to the California Polytechnic State University.

How do you make a chart from a reading assignment?

When you’re taking notes from a reading assignment, determine the number and types of labels that you’ll need for your chart by looking at the information in the text. During class or as you read, write down the information that you learn under the appropriate column on your paper.

How do I prepare for my first chart?

Before creating your first chart, you need to go over your learning materials first. This charting method is not one that allows you to take notes as-you-go, and analyzing your materials beforehand is an important part of the prep work. Analyze your learning materials and then, try to answer: What is the main topic of the materials?

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