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Frequently Asked Questions

What is patient charting and why is it important?

Patient charting is important for several reasons: It gives a record of everything that was done regarding that patient’s medical health care. (Ex. past surgeries, past medications received and so forth) If the patient’s health starts deteriorating providers can go back through the patient record to see what might have been the cause of that.

How do I know if my charging pad works?

The LED indicator shows the charge status of your device, and a 4 ft. charge cable and USB adapter power your charging pad. With its 5 W output, you can count on this charging pad to keep your devices charged and ready to go. " Works fine, but too slow for iPhone. Black Friday price was good....wireless charging pad ....very compact.

What do you need to use a wireless charging pad?

To use the pad, all you need is a smartphone that supports wireless charging — or a smartphone case that enables charging if it doesn’t come built in. Wireless charging pads are available in multiple forms, from mouse pad-like mats to hockey puck-size discs.

Is your charting hanging you out to dry?

If there’s one thing that’s going to hang you out to dry, is charting that’s inconsistent. That’s part of the reason why if possible avoid double charting because it increases the chances you’re going to have inconsistent charting.

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