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Frequently Asked Questions

What is practice-web's charting?

Practice-Web’s charting is a powerful partner that helps you provide excellent patient care. From stunning 3-D charts that include all types of treatments and tooth movement, to quick buttons that make charting as efficient as possible, recording your patient’s oral health is a breeze.

What is the traditional form of charting?

1. Narrative Charting – This is the traditional form of charting. It is a source-oriented record wherein each medical personnel makes documentation on the patient’s record in a separate section. The advantage of using this type of recording is the provision of an organized sections for each member of the healthcare team.

What can I expect from the charting practice online learning module?

The Charting Practice online learning module has clear and concise aims, objectives and anticipated outcomes, listed below. These will appear on the Dentaljuce Enhanced CPD Certificate, along with the time spent, dates, and detailed topics you studied within the module.

What is dentaljuce charting practice?

The Dentaljuce Charting Practice module gives team members a chance to practice their dental charting skills. Exercises include being able to name charted restorations, and drawing charts (with the mouse) for real patients using magscope images. What a wonderful tool! the instant feed back is what I needed...thank you! This is a fun way to learn!

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