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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some famous Chinese gardens in China?

China's Top 6 Beautiful Gardens Yuyuan Garden. Yuyuan Garden is located in Huangpu District in Shanghai. ... Humble Administrator's Garden. The Humble Administration Garden is the biggest Chinese classical garden among Suzhou 's famous gardens. Lingering Garden. ... Chengde Summer Palace. ... The Summer Palace. ... Norbulingka. ...

What are Chinese gardens?

A typical Chinese garden is enclosed by walls and includes one or more ponds, rock works, trees and flowers, and an assortment of halls and pavilions within the garden, connected by winding paths and zig-zag galleries.

What is the Chinese garden?

Chinese Garden (Chinese: 裕华园; Malay: Taman Cina), is a park in Jurong East, Singapore. Built in 1975 by the JTC Corporation and designed by Prof. Yuen-chen Yu, an architect from Taiwan, the Chinese Garden’s concept is based on Chinese gardening art.

What is Garden in Chinese?

The Chinese Garden is modeled along the northern Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscaping. It is located next to Chinese Garden MRT Station and connected to the adjacent Japanese Garden by a bridge. Along with the aforementioned Japanese Garden, the two gardens are collectively known as the Jurong Gardens.

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