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Frequently Asked Questions

Could China develop a hypersonic electromagnetic pulse missile?

China also announced it's developing a hypersonic weapon designed to generate an intense electromagnetic pulse that would wipe out communication and power supply lines. The missile, which has a ...

Does China have ICBMs?

China unveils ICBM capable of reaching US with 10 warheads. TOKYO -- China flaunted rapid advances in its weapons technology in a military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of ...

How many ICBM's does China have?

The 2020 Pentagon report indicates that China has 100 nuclear ICBMs, four ballistic missile submarines, each carrying 12 nuclear missiles, two additional missile submarines fitting out, 200+ nuclear-capable DF-26 IRBMs, and that some of China's current ICBMs could carry up to five nuclear warheads each.

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