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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the last time steel production fell in China?

BEIJING, Jan 17 (Reuters) - China's annual crude steel production fell for the first time in six years in 2021, retreating from record levels it logged in 2020 as the country steps up efforts to contain emissions in its mammoth ferrous sector.

Is the Digital Economy in China unhealthy?

"In the course of rapid development, China's digital economy has also displayed some unhealthy and irregular seeds and trends that not only affect the healthy development of the digital economy, but violate laws and regulations and pose a threat to national economic and financial security," he said.

Who is the president of China right now?

Even Chinese President Xi Jinping-not normally one to remark publicly on economic policy-called on Western central banks earlier this week to avoid hiking interest rates too fast to fight inflation, as his country's policies head in the opposite direction.

Why was the stock market in China little moved on Thursday?

Chinese markets were little moved on Thursday, with the CSI 300 index of large Shanghai-and Shenzhen-listed stocks up only 0.9 per cent. Analysts said this was partly because the PBoC cut its medium-term lending rate on Monday, which acts as a floor for the LPR.

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