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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the classification of pressure vessels in China?

The classification of pressure vessels in China should be in accordance with the Regulation TSG R0004-2009. At first, the pressure vessel is required to be divided into two categories according to its contained medium, and then to be classified into type I, type II and type III according to its pressure and volume.

Do Chinese pressure vessels have ASME codes?

Chinese companies generally accept ASME certified pressure vessels so you don't have to deal with their codes except that vessel is designed by Chinese but you can still request them to design according to ASME codes and they all know how to do it. I would suggest you discuss this with your AIA of Record.

Can I import a pressure vessel from USA to China?

No. As I understand it, a non-Chinese manufacturer must be registered or certified or something by the PRC in order to import a pressure vessel into China. Like my earlier response, they typically accept ASME certificates so you don't have to do additional to get their certificates, only application paper work.

What are the regulations and parameters of the pressure vessel?

The regulation and parameter of the pressure vessel can be different in different countries, including maximum working pressure and maximum working temperature.

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