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Frequently Asked Questions

Can China’s own national security law be extended to Hong Kong?

“The central government has the power to deal with these matters.” Some Chinese academics published studies arguing that the mainland’s own national security law could be extended to Hong Kong. Others proposed that China pass a law tailor-made for Hong Kong, bypassing political obstacles in the city.

Is Hong Kong’s new security law a cure for political turbulence?

It has extolled the security law as a cure for Hong Kong’s political turbulence. “I thank the Hong Kong people,” the agency’s chief, Zheng Yanxiong, said in a rare public speech on National Security Education Day, in April.

What is Xi Jinping’s Hong Kong policy?

In mainland China, he stifled dissent and denounced ideas like judicial independence and civil society — values that to many defined Hong Kong. The 2014 policy paper signaled Mr. Xi’s rejection of the idea that laws and treaties insulated Hong Kong from Chinese state power.

Does Hong Kong have a law against treason and subversion?

When China adopted its own security law in 2015, the top security official in Hong Kong, Lai Tung-kwok, said the responsibility to enact laws in the city against crimes like treason and subversion would be “fulfilled by local legislation.” The administration, he said, “has no plan to enact” such laws.

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