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Frequently Asked Questions

Is China’s National Security Law on Hong Kong legally binding?

declared that China’s decision to impose a national security law on Hong Kong “is not in conformity with the Hong Kong Basic Law and its international commitments under the principles of the legally binding, U.N.-registered Sino-

Is Hong Kong’s new security law a cure for political turbulence?

It has extolled the security law as a cure for Hong Kong’s political turbulence. “I thank the Hong Kong people,” the agency’s chief, Zheng Yanxiong, said in a rare public speech on National Security Education Day, in April.

What is PRC’s National Security Law in Hong Kong?

PRC central government to establish a national security office in Hong Kong and authorizes the office to exercise jurisdiction over certain national security cases, which are to be prosecuted and tried in mainland China. It also mandates the HKSAR government to establish national security bodies and outlines procedures for their work.

Does China’s National Security Law allow extradition to Hong Kong?

160Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, “No Extradition to Hong Kong,” accessed July 29, 2020, China’s NationalSecurity Law for Hong Kong: Issues for Congress

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