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Frequently Asked Questions

Is China about to invade Taiwan?

Experts in Taipei expect China to intensify military pressure on Taiwan, but say an invasion is unlikely any time soon. Taipei, Taiwan – Two Chinese jets briefly flew across the Taiwan Strait “median line” – the de facto border between China and Taiwan – on Monday morning in what has been a busy year in cross-Strait military exercises.

Is Beijing preparing to take control of Taiwan?

While Taipei is not required to publicly disclose every military encounter with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warned in July that Beijing might be preparing to “solve the Taiwan issue” – a euphemism for taking control of the island.

When was the last major crisis between China and Taiwan?

The last major crisis between Beijing and Taipei was in 1995-1996 when China fired missiles into Taiwanese waters following a visit by Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui to the US shortly before his election.

What changes have been made to Taiwan's passport?

Notable changes have included a move to emphasise the word “Taiwan” on passports – which traditionally read “Republic of China, Taiwan” – and to change the English name of Taiwan’s flagship carrier, China Airlines.

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