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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Central American country recognise Taiwan as a province of China?

The announcement, made on Thursday by the Central American country’s foreign ministry, also recognised Beijing’s claim over Taiwan as a Chinese province, a dispute which is at the heart of escalating tensions in the region.

Is the island of Taiwan part of China?

Taiwan has been ruled independently of China since 1949. However, China views Taiwan as part of its territory. Chinese officials refer to this view as the one-China principle. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonprofit foreign policy think tank, China promised to eventually "unify" the island of Taiwan with mainland China.

Which is the first country to allow Taiwan to use its own name?

Lithuania opened a Taiwanese representative office in its capital, Vilnius, under the name Taiwan in November. To appease China, most countries open offices under the name Taipei. Lithuania became the first European Union nation to let Taiwan use its own name in a representative office, the BBC reported.

When did Taiwan become part of the Republic of China?

Taiwan was a Japanese colony for 50 years before its control was relinquished and fell under the Republic of China government in 1945. Four years later, the ROC moved its capital from the mainland to Taipei following its defeat at the hands of Communist leader Mao Zedong, who established the PRC the same year.

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