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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CI mean in medicine?

Medical Definition of Ci (Curie) Ci (Curie): Ci is the abbreviation for a Curie, a unit of radioactivity. (Specifically, the quantity of any radioactive nuclide in which the number of disintegrations per second is 3.7 X 10 to the 10th).

What is CI technology?

Continuous integration (CI) is a software engineering practice in which frequent, isolated changes are immediately tested and reported on when they are added to a larger code base.

What is CI server do you use?

Continuous integration server (aka build server, aka CI server) is a software tool that centralizes all your CI operations and provides a reliable and stable environment for you to build your projects on. CI servers are highly configurable and adjustable to be able to build a variety of projects for different platforms.

What is CI in business?

Business counterintelligence (business CI) is the collective efforts designed to protect an organization’s sensitive information from unauthorized access. In a business context, intelligence is information that provides an organization with decision support and a strategic advantage.

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