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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a progressive care unit?

What Is a Progressive Care Unit? A Progressive Care Unit (PCU) is a hospital unit that specializes in treating medical and surgical patients whose needs are not serious enough for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but too complex for the regular hospital floor.

What is point of care (POC) technology?

What is Point of Care Technology? PoC technology encompasses the devices and systems that support health-care professionals in their daily activities of monitoring patients, caring for them, and documenting their health progress. The usage of PoC technologies enables and empowers healthcare providers in two key ways:

Is a patient care TECH the same as a CNA?

Patient Care Assistant and a Certified Nursing Assistant are almost the same. CNA nurse is also know by nursing aides whereas PCA nurse is also known as Patient Care Tech (PCT).They both work alongside with patients to perform medical care such as taking vital signs, feeding, bathing etc.

What is point of care system?

Point of Care Systems. vantix® Point of Care System. Point of Care (POC) testing is defined as performing any medical test at or near the location of patient care – in other words, during the office visit or at a field location.

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