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Frequently Asked Questions

What state pays the most for a CNA?

Alaska boasts the highest CNA pay rate with a few states close behind including New York, Nevada, Connecticut, and Hawaii. Demand for top caregiver talent is high and thus, the pay is higher as well.

What is included in CNA training?

What Is Included In CNA Training. CNA Classes This training to be a Certified Nursing Assistant enables the students to get the information and skills necessary for the provision of quality care. Some of the skills acquired included in CNA Classes are training how to check for vital signs in patients or people in home care.

What is the job of the CNA?

A CNA or Certified Nursing Assistants are seen working in a hospital, nursing homes and even private residences. They assist patients with their day to day tasks. Mostly, the job of a CNA involves duties of personal care.

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