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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CalPERS ltcpolicyhub?

CalPERS LTC Participants, welcome to LTCPolicyHub, your new centralized long-term care portal! You will need to complete a new registration to activate your new LTCPolicyHub account. LTCPolicyHub allows you to access both your LTC policy information and wellness resources (formally a separate site called Silver Brick Road).

Is your web browser supported by the CNA long term care center portal?

Your web browser is not supported by the CNA Long Term Care Center Portal. Please download one of these up-to-date browsers

How can CNA help you today?

Powerful business insurance solutions, tailored to meet your needs. How can we help you today? CNA resources are available to aid businesses with protecting their workforces and operations, as well as recovering after powerful storms. CNA's Claim Operations Center is fully operational and ready to assist customers with claims related to wildfires.

Why choose CNA for your claim handling?

Customer survey results show that insureds are consistently very pleased with their claim handling experience and nearly all would recommend CNA. Typical CNA Claim Satisfaction Survey responses:

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