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Frequently Asked Questions

What is codecodebox and how does it work?

CodeBox is a Snippet Manager, which changes the way you organize your code snippets, and provides a seamless synchronization across Windows, Linux and Mac. Windows x64 Windows x86 Mac Ubuntu x64 Ubuntu x86.

Does CodeBox have a new home page?

After using Tumblr for some months, I realized that CodeBox deserves better. And now the app has got a new home page! You are kindly welcome to the official website: Also, I’m planning to post all things related to CodeBox in the new blog: In Code We Trust. So if you are subscribed here, please re-subscribe to the new RSS. Thanks!

What is codecodebox for vacation rentals?

CodeBox is a perfect solution for Vacation Rentals. The code generation technology and weather-resistant design provide convenient, secure access for both renters and vendors.

Is Codebox available in the Mac App Store?

Mac OS X 10.6.6 has been released literally 20 minutes ago. So everyone having Snow Leopard can now install the new update including the Mac App Store. I’m happy to announce that CodeBox is available in the Mac App Store from day one. So you are kindly welcome to download and use it!

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