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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Codebox for real estate?

Developed due to the demand from Real Estate Professionals requesting a less expensive, more secure LockBox system without long-term restrictive contracts, CodeBox is a digital lockbox solution for either an individual agent, or entire broker’s office.

Why codecodebox digital lockbox solutions?

CodeBox digital lockbox solutions come in a variety of sizes and models so that no matter your need, we have you protected. No restrictive, long-term contracts. No synching, charging or key card needed. Safe and secure single use, limited time codes for Self-Showing properties.

What is codecodebox for vacation rentals?

CodeBox is a perfect solution for Vacation Rentals. The code generation technology and weather-resistant design provide convenient, secure access for both renters and vendors.

Can codecodebox be held liable for packages that have already shipped?

CodeBox cannot be held liable for packages not received after they leave our distribution center. If you need to change/hold an address for an order that has already been shipped, you can do this with your tracking number. Secure.

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