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Frequently Asked Questions

Why codecodeboxx for web development?

CodeBoxx’s CEO Nicolas Genest has spent 20 years in the tech industry, including the last few as CTO of companies like The Real Real or Wal-Mart. The course offers students a deep understanding of web site development and information systems and covers programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, Python, Go, C# on .NET, Ruby on Rails.

What is Codebox for real estate?

Developed due to the demand from Real Estate Professionals requesting a less expensive, more secure LockBox system without long-term restrictive contracts, CodeBox is a digital lockbox solution for either an individual agent, or entire broker’s office.

Is codeboxx full time or part time?

The CodeBoxx coding bootcamp is a full time program. Do you understand English? Do you speak English? Do you have a computer? Select I have a Mac I have a PC with Windows I have a PC with Linux I do not have a computer I use a computer at work

What is CodeBox digital lockbox?

CodeBox digital lockboxes are a smart solution to add security and store keys for areas such as server rooms, demarcation points, substations, and more – keeping them safe and secure. I use CodeBox on my real estate listings, on my vacation rental units and on my own home.

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